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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1
    COVID-19: What happens to the ongoing auctions?

  • 2
    COVID-19: Can I collect my lots as a private individual?

  • 4
    COVID-19: Can I collect my lots as a professional buyer?

  • 5
    COVID-19: When can I collect my lots as a professional buyer?

  • 7
    COVID-19: Can my lots be delivered to me?

  • 8
    COVID-19: Can I still come to a viewing

  • 9
    COVID-19: What measures are being taken to ensure a safe collection?

  • 10
    COVID-19: What happens if I bought goods during the lockdown but have been unable to collect them due to the lockdown?

  • 11

  • 12
    TO BID:How can I inspect the lot before placing a bid?

  • 13
    TO BID: I have the highest bid but the lot is not awarded. What now?

  • 14
    To BID: My bid has been accepted but I'm not the highest bidder anymore. What now?

  • 15
    TO BID: Can I undo, cancel, withdraw a bid?

  • 16
    TO BID: Can I place a bid on several lots at the same time?

  • 17
    VISITING: Could I visit the items on another day than the visiting day?

  • 18
    VISITING: Can I test an item?

  • 19
    VISITING: Can I test-drive a vehicle?

  • 20
    VISITING : I would like to visualise goods for which the website mentions "by appointment"

  • 21
    COLLECTION : Where and when can I pickup my lot?

  • 22
    PICK-UP: I won't be able to pick-up my items myself. What are my options?

  • 23
    DELIVERY: More information regarding the place of delivery?

  • 24
    PICK-UP: Is there a forklift/dismantle team/transportation firm present on pick-up site?Is er een heftruck/demontageteam/transportmiddelen aanwezig op de afgifte?

  • 25
    PICK-UP: Do I have to warn someone if I can't be present at the pick-up day?

  • 26
    PICK-UP : I would like to visit/collect items mentionned on the site as "on appointment". How do I proceed?

  • 27
    HAND OVER: Can I have a package delivered? Does Moyersoen send items over?

  • 28
    AFTER PICK-UP : Can I return a lot?

  • 29
    PICK-UP : Can I cancel the sale because the item doens't satisfy?

  • 30
    SALES : Can I sell through Moyersoen?

  • 31
    SALES : Can we obtain a taxation from Moyesoen?

  • 32
    FINANCE : Did my payment arrive?

  • 33
    FINANCE : I'm the highest bidder but refuses to pay. Can I escape?

  • 34
    FINANCE:Is it possible to change my invoice details?

  • 35
    FINANCE:Can I receive an invoice without VAT for intracommunautariy handlings?

  • 36
    FINANCE: Can I collect an invoice without VAT for export?

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