Prachtige vierkantshoeve

    Prachtige vierkantshoeve



    In 3800 St Truiden Koekelare, Rase A. is next following the bankruptcy
    classicist farm offered for sale.

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    Farm with house, caretaker, outbuildings and appurtenances, on and with
    of land, located Luikersteenweg 559 561 in 3800 SINT TRUIDEN, now
    dastrated City of Sint Truiden, 14th division Gelinden, section A, numbers:
    194 / L (Luikersteenweg 559), large: 44 ares 80 ca, 194 / K (Luiker-
    stone road 561), large: 1 ares 20 ca, 192 / D (large: 42 ares 50 ca,
    187 / D (desolate ground), large: 18 ares 80 approx,
    201 / E (large: 25 ares 08 ca,
    Total area of 1 ha 32 ares 38 approx.
    1377 kWh (No. 559) and 574 (No. 561)
    Luikersteenweg 559
    Main building
    -Basement floor 150 m2. Vaulted cellars under part of the ground floor
    - Ground floor 290 m2
    Entrance hall, corridor, stairs, lounge, sitting area, office, storage rooms, dining room, kitchen,
    lock behind entrance and central heating boiler. + gatehouse 33 m2).
    First floor 228 m2. Night hall with stairs, 6 bedrooms, toilet, bathroom, locker and dressing. + Attic 62m2 above kitchen, central heating boiler and storage). + attic above the gatehouse 33 m2.
    Roof floor
    Attic space accessible via a fixed staircase.
    550 m2):
    Two barns, several stables, covered passage to the garden and a studio / showroom (used as a showroom for antique furniture).

    These professional spaces are located on the ground floor, the first floor and the roof floor of part of the outbuildings (± 100 m2 on each level).

    House, Luikersteenweg 561
    Main building (living area):
    - Ground floor –– ± 55 m2
    Entrance, seating, dining room and storage / lock at the back entrance.
    On the third floor: landing, 2 bedrooms, attics.


    Prachtige vierkantshoeve
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    BE-3800 Sint-Truiden, Luikersteenweg 561


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