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Helststraat 47
BE-2630 Aartselaar
T: +32 3 827 21 31
Kanaalstraat 101 b
NL-5711 EG Someren
T: +31 8 803 545 00
Krenová 299/26
CZ-602 00 Trnitá, Brno
T: +420 7 24 28 85 66
15-Korpus 2
MK-1000 Skopje
T: +389 7 822 60 00
Lunderødvej 2
DK-4340 Tølløse
T: +45 41 80 50 40

Become Auctim

Become Auctim
For whom?

A partnership with Auctim is reserved for a broad group of professional providers and existing auctioneers, each in their own sector.

A partnership with Auctim offers many unique advantages. As a professional provider or auction house, you can expand your sales area to a global scale with a single click of the mouse, boost your turnover and achieve better prices.

Auctim enables auction houses and other professional providers to serve their clients in various sectors. These include trustees, lawyers, banks, liquidators... who have every interest in liquidating remaining assets as quickly as possible in the event of a bankruptcy or bank seizure.

Also for fleet managers, you as a partner are ideally placed to sell the end of lease cars at a good price for the time being.

As a partner you are also the ideal party for companies and distributors who want to liquidate their overstock and returns. Or for entrepreneurs who, after a new investment, are looking for an outlet for their depreciated equipment, rolling stock and machines.

An experience in the sector is a plus.

Advantages of a Franchise

As an Auctim partner, you can rely on an international network of other partners who know their market through and through. Specialists per sector and per country will also help you move forward with their expertise.

Through AUCTIM, you can realize fast and profitable sales by linking your own expertise to the reach and power of the Auctim online auction platform. In many cases, the price and speed of the transaction play an important role. Thanks to a partnership with AUCTIM, you will significantly increase the number of potential buyers because you will not continue to work 'under the church tower' but will tap into an international buying audience.

Effortlessly with Auctim Software

Auctim has a very advanced online software. Auctim offers you a management system and the website on which your products, together with all partners, are offered for sale, all neatly subdivided by sector. After all, it is important that buyers quickly find what they are looking for.

The management system is easy to use. Your entire administration (contacts, files, invoicing, statements, costs, files, reporting...) is kept here in your own language. You can quickly add products, link external files, create auctions and more.

The Auctim software is built in such a way that you will save a lot of time and you will have more time to do business. Whether you have to make 1 or 1000 invoices today has no impact on your administration because everything is fully automated.

Why franchise formula

The franchise model is a proven method of doing business and an unprecedented growth booster for many.

Becoming a partner of Auctim is possible according to a simple, affordable and transparent franchise formula in which the partner-franchisee can continue to grow independently without worries. The Auctim Partner can surf along on the brand awareness, reputation and economies of scale of a worldwide network. Auctim takes care of the signboard, the software, the marketing, the know-how... and, not unimportantly, the customers.

If you are not eligible to become an Auctim Partner, but still wish to sell through our online auctions, we will be happy to help you. All you have to do is sign up on and we will examine with one of our Partners how best to convert your assets quickly and efficiently into cash on your account.

Would you like to know more about the unique Auctim franchise/partner contract?

+32 3 827 21 31
Helstraat 47
BE-2630 Aartselaar
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