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This is what customers and Partners say about us

As a moving company, we regularly invest in new moving vans, while the old ones are still perfectly usable. Since we auction our redundant equipment via the AUCTIM auction platform, the yields are optimal and the work for my team limited. Renewing my assets has never been so efficient! The paths of Dockx Movers and AUCTIM will certainly cross more often in the future!

With the expertise of the AUCTIM team, we managed to sell unused material quickly and in cash for my team without any extra work! If you are looking for a quick and transparent sale, I recommend AUCTIM.

In the past, I bought electrical equipment and also stuff for the renovation of my chalet in the Ardennes via the AUCTIM website. The prices were very competitive and the service from those people is top notch! I will keep an eye on the auctions in the future because I will definitely buy from AUCTIM.